Pacific Islands Meet the Pacific Northwest

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An ocean of flavors right to your plate.

Woven is a tapestry of joyful moments.

It is a warm greeting that lets you know you’ve arrived at a home away from home. It is the threads of stunning views, pleasant conversation, and delightful flavors.

It is the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands and the legendary traditions of Japanese cuisine. It is the gray-blue of the sea outside, the lantern-lit red in the rafters above, and a kaleidoscope of color on your plate.

It is the fire of the grill, the warmth of a living room, and the chill of a craft cocktail.

Most importantly, it is the unweaving of the search for a good meal, with those threads of memory undone and rewoven into a new and wonderful dining experience.


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Endless ingredients. Many cultural traditions. One incredible meal.

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Because true, great seafood is

Poetry in ocean

Some website haikus

Because true, great seafood is

Poetry in ocean

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Eatwoven Fish WOVEN Eatwoven Fish

Eatwoven Fish
Pattern Fish

Fish is laid upon the grill. Delicious sizzle! A cook’s great folk song

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